FAQ on Branded Films for Students with Keith Alan Morris

1. Whats it like?
The toughest job you'll ever love.

2. What would I do?
Save the world.

3. What do I get out of it?
Rock hard abs.

4. Whats an average day like?
Depends on what stage you join us.  It could be:
or Post-production

Development and Preproduction are very fun, in our system.  Production is the most hands-on.  Post production, surprisingly, is for the most intense, focused students, picked from the best of the best. No one has ever made it all the way through, except one person.

5. Who would I be working with?
See the "about us" section and the "star pupils" section.

6. Can I come to the Cannes Film Festival (etc.) with the team if it doesn't fall on the time I work with you?

7. Where are your latest films screening?
Go to for more info.

8. How do you get paid to do what you do?
By being the hardest working team in showbiz.

9. How can I get paid to work in film someday?
That can only be taught over time, and you learn that during the time you're with us.

10. What kind of equipment do you use?

11. What would I learn?
Everything about making a real film, from concept thru distribution.  Don't waste your money on film school.

(More serious answers coming soon. Keith is tired.)