HAITI - shooting May 4-11, 2010 in Haiti.  Then June in Orlando.


A PLAN FOR WATER: Reforesting China - In development. What do we think of when we see the name “China”? Some may think of China just in terms of Beijing or Shanghai--with their millions of urbanites. But, eighty-six percent of the Chinese population are actually rural farmers. Rural farmers who need water. China is striving for a new balance between the availability of water, the needs of people, soil stewardship and food production. Herein we will look specifically at the people, the land use practices, and water usage within the Yellow River watershed of northern and western China.

One family has been closely involved with the conservation efforts of China for the past several years. They have traveled and worked extensively as volunteers with the national, provincial, prefecture, and county authorities to provide technical assistance and conservation seeds. Their work has involved the introduction of desirable trees to provide food, fiber and shrubs to help stabilize expanding desert areas, and provide food for livestock. These practices improve water retention and water quality, reduce water and wind erosion, and provide for economic and social stability for families and communities. We will document China’s need through their eyes and learn how China’s 1.2 billion people effect the world.

The Bohemian - 120min. In development. - Developed over a year’s time with the humanitarian Edward James Olmos (“Stand and Deliver”) and the President of the developing nation of Honduras. A large fiction film project that would benefit the struggling schools in Honduras by donating a significant portion of the producer’s proceeds directly to the specific schools Branded Films visited in Honduras.

Branded Films also makes mainstream films to finance the documentaries. We are currently working with the animators that do the robots for the NFL on Fox.

Left: The main character from our film DTD.

DTD - 120 min. - Teaser trailer complete. A robot cabbie in the post-apocalypse saves the world. Go here to view the teaser.