3 (three) Red Ones, 3 A/C adapters, 2 Red Raid, 4 Flash cards, the big lens--the Red Pro 18-85mm, 3 Nikon Adapters, 4 Nikon lenses: one 24mm, one 35mm, two 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.4, and a zoom (25mm to 85mm), 2 Red battery chargers, 4 Red bricks, 2 Red Lcds, 2 LCD Widescreen monitors, 2 basic production packs, 1 O'connor 50 fluid head and tripod, 1 Bogen fluid head with tripod /w dolly, a 3rd Manfrotto tripod, Timecode cables, Audio cables, timecode slate, 1 amazing LED light (2k), mattebox, 3 shotgun mics. 8 assorted 5600K light fixtures, 4 baby 1k's.  See pics below.

Grip Electric Lighting:
Email us for a pdf list and see pics below.