Ian Campbell came from Florida’s Valencia Community College and joined Keith and Kendra's internship program, where he started on principal photography of “A Fighting Chance” as a Production Assistant. Through his tireless efforts of wanting to work day and night, he quickly rose to the rank of Assistant Camera for the 3rd round of photography and got to shoot on the RED Camera. He works all over the country now in all phases of production and currently is one of only two creative partners for Keith’s newest project.

“Compared to the industry standard procedures of filmmaking, Branded Films/Keith Alan Morris produces projects with as high a quality for a fraction of the price and time. Making sure to only work with passionate and talented partners, he is able to streamline the process to only a handful of crew members while still excelling in professionalism and enthusiasm. I am a partner; I make sure everything we produce will be as good as can be.”

Ian Campbell
Local 600

Christina Livesey came from RISD and Parsons, and worked on many of our NYC productions, including the award-winning THE CLINIC, where she even garnered a cameo. Keith also gave her a position at an independent music label in NYC. She now works as a production manager at a major architecture firm.

* Rhode Island School of Design ‘02
* BFA Illustration

* Parsons School of Design, New School University ‘08
* Interior Design Certificate

Kirsten Overholt works extremely hard. She trained for a year in Indiana, and even assisted in casting where she made the major find of the lead actor for Flying Tiger. During the film’s production, she sometimes functioned on no sleep as the Unit Production Manager, making sure actors made their 5am call times, while also working as Script Girl and in Continuity. Keith picked her over 1400 students from Full Sail to place her in a job at a major online company as a Staff Writer.

Walter Marshall’s military background as a Marine in the Iraq War makes him treat every day as a gift. Coming from the inner city of Detroit, he knows the world doesn’t owe him a favor and his positive attitude onset and excellent communication skills helped him move quickly from one of 1400 students taught by Keith at Full Sail to PA to Digital Intermediate Technician to 1st Assistant Camera working with the RED camera. He moved back to Detroit where he is happily married and the head of the film department for a megachurch. When its time to shoot another Branded Films project, you know where he'll be.

Joel Szymanowski has worked on all of Branded Films features after THE CLINIC as the main production audio person. He trains students to work as boom operators to record wild audio in all sorts of environments. He also teaches high school in South Bend, IN.

Ryan Riggs and Steve Sullivan (Indiana University, ‘08) met Keith while still in high school and worked on the development and preproduction of Flying Tiger in college classes. Ryan filled a crucial role in the third round of photography for A Fighting Chance as a Script Consultant, Writer, and 1st Assistant Director. Keith got him his first career job at a digital media firm in Orlando. Steve continues to work with Branded Films while working in film in Chicago. He will be crewing Branded Films next documentary project, with some footage to be shot in Indianapolis.