In 2003 while studying at Full Sail, my life suddenly changed. I was finishing my last class in the Film Degree program and my military unit was activated for Iraq. Plans were already made for my transition into the film industry, but the war had now caused me to become uncertain about my future.

One year later, I returned to Full Sail to continue my studies. Starting where I left off, I had to make plans for the next move after the Film program. Full Sail was in it’s third month for the Bachelor of Science Program and I thought it would be best to continue learning since I had not landed anything in film. After enrolling in the Bachelor’s Program I met Keith Morris my Strategic Planning and Marketing Course Director. During the the Bachelor’s program I completed a documentary and competed in several film competitions (some hosted by Keith). Keith took notice of my hard work and allowed me to work on some of his productions. While working with Keith I watched him through the entire process of independent filmmaking from finding funding and negotiating contracts to making deals for distribution.

Working with Keith was like being enrolled in the Roger Corman film school (hard working and resourceful). This gave me many insights into the real world of independent filmmaking. Like most things in life, mentorship is where learned principles are applied. I am thankful of God for the change in my plans which has allowed me to develop a relationship with such a intuitive filmmaker such as Keith Alan Morris.

Walter V. Marshall