In the Name of Aid - 57min. On the film fest circuit. A documentary on those combatting the AIDS crisis in Africa. The documentary film follows four faith-based NGOs (non government organizations), and is an intimate look at how they raise financial support and run their operations. The theme of the film is the ability of ordinary people to make a far-reaching impact on the world around them. The stars of the story are not UN workers or celebrities touting their favorite causes, but villagers, locals, and missionaries – average, everyday people – making a difference in the way they live their lives and effect those around them.

Gutter King - distributed by Multivisionnaire and Metrodome (Donnie Darko, Monster), released worldwide 2010. The film is based on writer/director Keith Alan Morris’ short stories that won the Schneider Prize and Cooper Award for best short fiction. The distributor’s listing:

“True to life, a troubled kid from juvenile hall gets a second chance to have a normal home with a new family -- but his foster father and brother show him the way to the underground world of fight clubs to earn his keep.” The film was ranked #159 on IMDB and has been nominated for numerous awards like Best Picture, Best Breakout Action Star, and Best Supporting Actor at the "Action On Film" Fest in LA. It is in stores in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Russia and went viral via 2.2 million torrents online. This year, it screened at the festivals of MIPCOM, AFM, CANNES, Hong Kong, Berlin, and many more. Go here for more info.  Go here to download the entire film.


Thursday, July 29 at 6:30pm 
Academy Theatre
1003 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA - (626) 229-9400

This is a good festival and a HUGE one. Please come and support Gutter King if you're in the LA area!

We're up for the top 3 awards:

Breakout Action Star – Male – Feature
Gutter King – Zeb Halsell

Action Film of the Year - Feature
Gutter King

Best Supporting Actor - Feature
Gutter King – Casey Clark

- MIPCOM (TV & Film), Buyer’s Lounge
Cannes, France (October 5 - 9, 2009)

- American Film Market (Film), La Merigot, Suite: 201
Santa Monica, Calif (November 4 - 11, 2009)

- Berlinale / European Film Market (Film), Martin-Gropius-Bau, Stand #: TBA
Berlin, Germany (February 11 - 24, 2010)

- Hong Kong FILMART (Film & TV), Location TBA
Wan Chai, Hong Kong (March 22 - 25, 2010)

- MIPDOC/MIPTV (Documentaries, Telefilms), Palais, Stand #: TBA
Cannes, France (April 10 - 16, 2010)

- CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, Cannes, France (May 2010)

and more!

Milan - In self-distribution, on speaking tours and the internet. Shot in the Dominican Republic for Hope International, Milan is a documentary about how one female educator in the D.R. makes a difference in the lives of many children.

Flying Tiger - 100 min. On the Film Fest Circuit. - Best Feature at the Arizona Film and TV Fest, 2008 - Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival Market. Flying Tiger is a “film du terroir” (a film about the earth and humanity). Shot in Stockton, Missouri with a student crew from Indiana (where Keith trained the students in the classroom for one year prior), the film had three distribution offers and is still enjoying a healthy film festival run. The film’s success helped secure funding for Branded Films other features. See the site: http://flyingtigerthemovie.com

The Clinic - 90min. - Self Distribution. Won Best Screenplay for a Feature Film (out of 180 films) at the NY International Independent Film Fest, and received representation at the Cannes Film Fest Market. A comedy about an underground NYC treatment center for the broken-hearted.

R.U.B.s. - Rich Urban Bikers - screened for 6 months in the Guggenheim Museum’s traveling show “The Art of the Motorcycle.” R.U.B.S asks the question, “What is a true biker?” and “Are you a weekend warrior or hardcore?” R.U.B.s. also delves into bikers’ fanatical commitment to their favorite brand--Harley-Davidson, and how "outlaws" feel about fitting into a society where their outsider status is now mainstream.

Dan-E (1 minute) **OFFICIAL** from HAYDEN 5 MEDIA on Vimeo.

Here is a commercial we helped produce.